Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sahara Shoot

I had an amazing day with my own family at some sandunes a couple of hours away from our home.  We had an unusually warm Christmas break and decided to take advantage of it and enjoy the outdoors. I titled this series "jump" and I can't help but smile looking at them!

Monday, December 12, 2011


This gorgeous family is from the old hood and are our very good friends.  They have always been there to help us when we needed them and we love them!!  Oh how I wish my kids had their gorgeous skin!!  

I claim this one as my 4th daughter!  


Zach's brother and his family trusted me to get a Christmas pic!  Their 2 girls are incredibly adorable and I sure LOVE them!!

 You might be thinking,  hmmm... that darling baby isn't quite in focus.  DANGIT!  I am blaming it on my new lens and not exactly knowing how to handle it.  Sorry guys.  I will get better I promise!


4 girls in freezing weather is a challenge.... but I think we got a few cute ones!  We love this family!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am blessed to have wonderful neighbors who are so fun and love to laugh!!  Their kids have the most beautiful eyes!!  Merry Christmas Careys!!