Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet Nikki

My daughter, in preparation for a spotlight, was asked who her hero was.  She thought for a second and said, "My Dad".  So cute!!  Well when I was editing these pictures I was staring at the gorgeous face of this girl and I realized that she was one of MY heroes!!  Nikki has the most kind and tender heart, gives more love to her family then anyone I know, and has endured many trials in her life that have truly tested her.  I have watched her grow up and seen how amazing she is and I don't know if she knows it - but I think everyone who knows her knows it!  She deserves all that the world has to offer and I hope she goes out and gets it!!!  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break

If felt so good to get some sun and some sand.  We headed South in our rockin motorhome, AKA Fred, for some family time.  I love Southern Utah - the light is always amazing.  I sure love my kids.. they rocked some pretty tough hikes.

Don't faint... but that is ME in the picture!!  I know it is crazy!!  Look how chunky I look - and 3 days without a shower is not lookin too good on me.

Notice the amazing 2 pictures together above??  Yep, that only took me 15 min to do but it is AWESOME right??  Don't expect any more like that.. i'm too lazy.

This is what I get when I ask my daughters to pose for me!  Train tracks are usually cheesy to me, and way over used, but how can you resist when they are cut out of the red rock like this??

See how cool they are??  I know - you feel like a train is going to come smash her any second.  It makes me nervous too.  But those leading lines are just too much to resist.  Thankfully, a train didn't smash her. I promise to try not to use train tracks ever again.