Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet Nikki

My daughter, in preparation for a spotlight, was asked who her hero was.  She thought for a second and said, "My Dad".  So cute!!  Well when I was editing these pictures I was staring at the gorgeous face of this girl and I realized that she was one of MY heroes!!  Nikki has the most kind and tender heart, gives more love to her family then anyone I know, and has endured many trials in her life that have truly tested her.  I have watched her grow up and seen how amazing she is and I don't know if she knows it - but I think everyone who knows her knows it!  She deserves all that the world has to offer and I hope she goes out and gets it!!!  

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  1. So Emilee Dickerson-soon-to-be-Jackson told me about you last night and showed me her bridals... Holy cow your work is amazing!! I cannot believe she was your first bridal session (is that OK to say here?)... you have a new huge fan in me.

    (I sent you a Facebook friend request last night when I thought I posted this comment that apparently didn't go through... if you had a business page I would have followed that, but you don't,........ so yeah that random creeper who tried to friend you last night was me ;) )


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