Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Now that the Mama has seen them I want to show you my other favorites from the previous session.  Did I mention Amanda, the Mama, is my cousin- one of my 35ish first cousins.  That's on one side.  I love them all!!

 I have been waiting for the moment to capture the next picture and I LOVE it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

sneak peek

2 beautiful newborns in 2 weeks!  Lovin it!  This little man was so adorable and actually slept well for us!  I am only showing one since his mama hasn't seen them yet.  Welcome to the world and welcome to the crazy Jackson family!  He will be very loved!

Monday, September 10, 2012

#3 goes to kindergarten


My 3rd little girl cannot be old enough to go to kindergarten.  Boo.  She IS cute though, and she let me take some pictures so I guess I will let her go.

Recognize this guy?  Yup, he is the proud brother in the previous post!   A lot of changes in one week for him!

sweetest angel

I had the privelege of photographing this little angel when she was only a couple days old, and then we tried again when she was 9 days old.  It is amazing how fast they change!  She decided to be awake for the first time in her life, which is perfectly ok because her eyes were beautiful!  (We just didn't get a cute tiny bed shot we were hoping for).  Newborn photography is tricky but it is so fun for me to try and figure it out- I am grateful that I have neighbors willing to trust their first memories of their little ones to me.  I so wish I had some pictures like these of me with my babies!!
Welcome to the world- you are very lucky to come from heaven to a wonderful family!