Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our little get-away!

We took a break from our normal routine to celebrate our 13th anniversary of being engaged at Jackson Lake in the Grand Teton National Park.  It was so fun to escape with my boyfriend and do some of the things that having 4 kids makes difficult... like hike... sleep in... go to a 9:30 pm movie.... eat at nice restaurants... lay out on the beach... go on long drives.. listen to podcasts.... listen to anything but kid music .... shop ... take LOTS of pictures.... do whatever we wanted at whatever time we wanted!!!  Ahhhhh!  Thanks to Zach's parents for taking such good care of our kids- knowing they were in good hands made it that much easier to relax!  We came home rejuvenated and even more dedicated to our kids - and took them to the cabin for a night!  THEN came home and went to a concert!  I am lovin it!

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