Sunday, June 17, 2012

A perfect night

It started out with a darling little girl at her first real ballet recital...
(which I actually got teary at - it was so darling!)

When we got home the lighting was so beautiful I pulled out the camera and luckily she was in the mood for some pictures!!

Then it turned into a bike parade!  

Even the ballerina changed into some pajamas to join the fun!

 OK, the Dad participated too - I added a really good vignette to his pic to make it extra sexy!

                       The next two are out of order, its just a pain to move them so deal with it!!!

I hear "wicked witch of the west" music playing with the next one!

Now my Mom, and maybe my Mother-In-Law, might be wondering "what in the world is on their hands"???  (I say that because besides me, they are the only ones that actually look at this blog :)
Well, they are special riding gloves, courtesy of Industrial Supply - only the coolest kids get some!

      Then we decided to wash the car (no pictures due to risk of water touching my precious camera).

The party moved to the backyard as the sun went down, and we all chilled on the tramp, played a couple rounds of "telephone" and watched this amazing sunset (through the mesh safety net surrounding us).  

And THAT is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids and my husband, and why I NEVER get my children in bed before 10 o'clock during the summer.  They would miss all the perfect light, and the perfect moments!

Oh and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my wonderful DAD and my amazing HUSBAND!  I am so blessed to have loving, hard working, and good looking men in my life!

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