Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moon Lake

Meet Fred.  He is our ticket to adventure!  Zach and I are all about taking charge of life these days and making things happen!  We looked into renting a motorhome for a vacation next year, but the cost was outrageous and used motorhomes are so cheap!!  So, as I was saying "lets look for one next year", Zach stalked KSL and found this one that we both really loved.  LOVED??? yup.  In a retro, fun, why- the-heck-not kind of way!  And wallah!  It's parked on our back patio (only after some slight renovations to raise the roof :) Zach is in love with this machine!

I have this craving for new places - I think it bothers me that there are beautiful places waiting to be discovered.  Adventure #1 - Moon Lake, accomplices- The Wiscomb family.

2 trucks were sunk in the mud - they got them out somehow!

After two nights at Mud... i mean Moon Lake, we said goodbye to the Wiscombs and goodbye to Moon Lake and headed off not knowing where we were going.  We ended up taking the turnoff to Currant Creek Reservoir and had an amazing time for 2 nights there.  It was a rough dirt road to get there, but totally worth it for a beautiful campground and lake all to ourselves!

Our campsite had a trailhead across the street so we took an afternoon hike and when we got to the top of the ridge there were really dark clouds and the thunder started, we started urging the kids to move a little faster and literally stopped for 5 seconds at the top to snap a REALLY quick picture.  It was too bad because it was so beautiful, but can you see the terror in Zach's eyes looking up at the clouds?  Liv was terrified too after we told her she better walk faster or else she might get struck!!  Ha!

Those are 2 beavers that had built an impressive damn along this fun trail to the boat ramp.

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