Friday, July 27, 2012

Colter Bay 2012

This years Colter Bay trip with my family was so fun, as usual!  We spent 4 1/2 days chilling, biking, skiing, surfing, raining(not us, the weather :), playing "baggo", kayaking, fishing, making s'mores, getting really dirty (little B), throwing rocks, taking pictures, and just smelling the delicious Colter Bay air!!  Highlights of the trip would be Adison catching a really big fish, Maycie and Alivia surfing with Dad behind the MasterCraft that Tyson brought, FRED towing the MasterCraft (it was a proud moment), and portaging the canoe and kayaks from String Lake to Leigh Lake - SO AMAZING!!! Lowlights (is there such a thing?) is Grandpa hitting a rock that was hiding under the reflection of the sky and ripping a big hole in the bottom of the boat.  AND messing up the prop.  So sad. HOWEVER, so happy we didn't sink and spend the night on the far side of Jackson Lake amongst the horseflies and bears!!  Poor boat, poor Grandpa.  Oh and poor Grandma who is towing it all over getting it fixed!
Fred (our motorhome if you are confused) was a champ and towed up the cycling team trailer with all the toys- he sure makes camping easy - except for the packing and unpacking and cleaning part.  Laundry anyone??  .. which reminds me.... I am just about to finish my 2nd box of Costcos softener sheets.  do the math.  500 loads!!!  And this is my second pack.  Should I be depressed or proud?  hmmm.
Back to the trip - pictures ahead!

Notice the cookies, without the cream!

It was worth the rain just to have the curls come out in LJ's hair!

This was the reflection in the water!

Maycie is so sweet to entertain my craziness!  We abandoned her on this beautiful little island so I could take this. 

It was a dream come true for Fred, too bad it isn't ours, but man would we love it if it was!!


  1. Trish--these are amazing!!! Thanks for taking cute ones of my kids, we may have to print those! You are so talented!!!

  2. Fantastic photos and adorable family.


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