Thursday, August 30, 2012


I cannot believe summer is over.   I am missing my little midgets being around, sleeping in, enjoying a slow breakfast and heading off to the pool or somewhere else fun.  It is back to the grind.  I have been extremely stressed out trying to figure out what "activities" to put my kids in - dance? volleyball? soccer? piano? acting? .....etc.  I feel this weight on me, like I have to find what their talent is and push them in that direction or else they are not going to have talents... which means they will have no self esteem, which means they might never get married and they will live forever with me and be depressed.  Am I alone in this? ok maybe not that drastic, but it still is a heavy burden on me.  So after much stress and trying different classes - we have settled on soccer for M, Volleyball and continue violin for A, Ballet for A2, and well little B gets to hang out with me.  Poor kid, we won't have any money left for him to do anything.  The piano teacher couldn't fit us in for M, and I just got a new church calling that would have interfered with dance - so there you have it.  After stressing about it and finally accepting what I stated above, we had the most relaxing night, with all of us home, just hanging out.  So nice to just have down time.  My kids love each other- and it is amazing when they all just get along and enjoy each other.
 I have TONS of other pictures to post from our amazing Lake Powell trip and the first day of school - but these ones made me teary.
I am glad summer isn't quite over, even though school is back in.

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