Friday, February 15, 2013


We surprised our kids with a trip to California!  We literally checked them out of school, brought them home, said "WE ARE GOING to DISNEYLAND!", threw them in the car and left.  They were extremely surprised and excited - especially my 10 year old who always has to know EVERYTHING! The drive actually went really well- since we took a break in Mesquite for the night.  It has been a really cold winter and feeling 60 degrees with no coats and sandals was HEAVEN!!  We spent the first couple of days in San Diego - we saw some of our old friends and played at a few different beaches.  Then we worked our way up the coast to Anaheim, went through LA to visit family in LaCanada, then spent 2 full days at California Adventure and Disneyland.  So. Fun.  I think my favorite part is seeing my older girls become little again, and seeing my little ones experience new things.  

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