Sunday, February 17, 2013


It seems there are a lot of families struggling right now to hold on to their loved ones.  From my parents neighbor whose life ended in a random accident, to my neighbors daughter who is fighting to extend her life, to a young boy named Mitchell, only known to me through Facebook, who will soon be passing on.  I am immediately conscious of our immortality and the precious life we have been given.  I am trying more to savor the important things - and let the unimportant things go.  It is hard as a parent to keep the right perspective.  I am drawn to photography because of this.  When I look at the faces of my 4 little angels, or other children, I see their beauty and their possibility, not their flaws and struggles.
I had a photo shoot cancel on short notice Saturday and decided to drag my kids out into the snow.  It only took a little bribery... to the tune of a trip to Maceys for Texas doughnuts.  Well worth the cavities!

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